TOOLS: Premiere Pro
This is my personal promotional video about promoting the idea of travelling and how I get inspiration from all over the world as a graphic designer and an artist. For this specific video, I began sketching out the idea by creating the story board and made it as video montage. In addition, I added elements such as narration and music to highlight who I am.
Create a 2 - 3 minutes Personal Promotional Video about who I am and what I do.
First, to present the idea of travelling, I collected all the videos I have filmed while I was on trip because I did not want to use free videos that are not mine. Then for the additional shots I filmed Vancouver where I currently live and study as graphic designer student to show where I am now to achieve my dream. 
I filmed all the video clips where I don't appear. Then filmed each scenes with both iPhone 6s and Canon 6D. Additionally, Marvin who was my classmate filmed me for my Vancouver shots and my brother Enoch filmed me for my Trip shots.
Through this project, I also wanted to show videography skills by capturing good use of depth of field and angle shots to emphasize my skills and direction. Therefore, when I edited these video in Premiere Pro, I opened up the scene with smooth pan cuts with depth of fields as well as used masking to create slide cut and dissolve zoom to create interesting and video effects that could highlight the quality of the story.
This video production project turned out quite interesting. I was able look back where I have been and how much I enjoyed travelling and got inspirations. I was always taking photographs and tried to capture the new culture, colour, and form that all around me. However, if I have more time and could do this better, I would like to add more visual effects such as graphics, typography etc. and shorten the video. I wanted to use all the time that was given to us to create this video and made it into 3 minute video. Then as music kept on playing without any break with imported video, I started to doubt that I did too much. However, I had fun creating this work and I would like to re-create this work in the future.

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